I am a psychic/medium. A medium is a person who is psychic and receives personal information about an intended recipient from spirit energy associated with that someone. I receive messages from spirit energy such as spirit guides and departed loved ones who have passed. The messages are communicated through a variety of pathways such as feelings, images and words.

It is not clearly known in advance what messages I will receive during a reading since spirit energy controls the reading. A typical reading will focus on issues which have caused one to be “stuck” and not growing spiritually. Examples include mourning the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, issues with relationships and self-esteem. This condition of being stuck is usually unpleasant and negative since it hinders one’s life purpose.

So far, my best personal validation that this work is genuine and aligned with The Supreme Being or Source is from feedback from clients and in observing the growth clients will undergo after being “unstuck” by spiritual guidance provided through me. Although this work can be demanding to ensure life altering messages are properly received by clients, it is extremely satisfying work to align with Source and be a part of the better good for the universe.