I first began to have experiences I could not explain using conventional science shortly after my mother died in early 1987. I began to smell flowers in my car in January while driving. From there I kept having experiences such as balls of light floating in my bedroom, static “ants” feeling on the back of my head, cool breezes in enclosed rooms, blinking lights and seeing orbs I call “fuzzy balls” and ectoplasm I call “smoke” which I now know are actual spirit entities.

I next began to actually perceive words, feelings, images from these entities whenever they chose to come to me and make themselves known. They told me that I was “drafted” to serve The Supreme Being or God and that I would later in life “awaken” to a life of service. I should always stay humble and that they would teach me over time what I needed to know about the true meaning of life and my role in The Supreme Being’s plan.

I was then led to someone at that time who taught me the basics of spiritualism and validated that what I was perceiving was real. My psychic side simply became another facet of reality to me. Soon, I got used to observing and communicating with spirits. I was a bit surprised by the number of spirits I was coming into contact with, but I soon realized that they knew that I could see and hear them, so they purposefully were in my face so to speak.

I began to do readings for people who were sent to me, but kept a low profile even though I was very confident in the reality of what I was doing. I was a scientist at the time, so I really felt apprehensive about my peers learning about this part of myself.

Then in the summer of 2006, I learned that I had a very advanced stage of cancer. I did have a choice to pass into spirit, but I knew I had to survive to help others. I trusted my fate to The Supreme Being and was assured that I would survive despite hearing dire news. Once I made this commitment, I made a very quick recovery and was completely free of cancer. I also was fortunate to have been led to an excellent oncologist!

I am now ready to share my gift with a broader audience and to embrace this commitment to The Supreme Being. I fully recognize the importance of this work. I always meditate with The Supreme Being and my guides to ensure that I am doing the right thing.