I offer private readings both in person and over the phone. I now also conduct readings with Skype. I conduct readings from my home in suburban Philadelphia. I am also available to conduct group readings at your home in the Philadelphia area.  Call to schedule a reading or for more details. For 1 hour private readings, the fee is $100.  Group readings are also available. Please note that I have changed my email address from to   Payment may be made through Paypal ( by remitting to, or you can pay with Credit card.

I also have read and am happy to read for children. However, I cannot read for any child under the age of 18 without a parent present. With young children, a parent must be present during the reading at all times. If the child is older and privacy is an issue, the parent may wait in another room while I read for the child.

I will begin a reading by asking that only spirits with good intentions come through and for The Supreme Being to protect us from any negative energy. I have limited control and no prior knowledge of what information I will communicate, with the exception of information I get during meditation prior to a reading. It is helpful if you, the client, invite loved ones to come through prior to the reading. In addition, you may in advance wish to think of any questions you may have for the reading.

Readings are simple in design. I only use my focused energy and a voice recorder. My service is to deliver information to help guide you through your life journey. The information should keep your attention since it goes right for areas of concern and need.

Spirits usually communicate a lot of information in a reading, which is why I record the session so that you can later listen to the information at your own pace.  I will provide CD’s or a hyper-link to download an audio file (WMA format).  Also, please remember that the spirits and my own intentions are only to help you and are in no way judgmental.

Lastly, we all have free will which brings with it the responsibility to choose the direction our lives will go. It is up to you how to use the information from a reading. Your choices alone will determine how valuable a reading is to you. It is my strongest desire that you use the information in a positive way to help advance you in your life’s journey. I am an instrument of The Supreme Being and I always keep that fact firmly in mind during a reading.

Readings are not substitutes for financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care and no guarantees are implied or stated.  We reserve the right to not provide service to a client should the energy connection not be clear.  It is sometimes necessary to cancel a reading.