From Cindy, May 15, 2017

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Bob, and I must say, he is one compassionate, caring man! He went out of his way to make me feel important, and heard. He was accurate concerning everything he told me, and I was also blessed to hear a message through Bob, from my Grandfather, whom I was very close to when he was alive. that brought tears to my eyes. It was such a healing experience for me, one I will never forget….Bob is genuine, and a true blessing to all.

From Ben, May 6, 2017

I have had 2 readings from Bob and they have both been wonderful experiences for me. Bob is truly gifted and genuinely cares about helping people. I am grateful for his readings and look forward to what he will have to tell me next. Highly recommend going to Bob if you get the chance.

From Rich, May 2, 2017

I have had 2 readings with Bob. The first one was a half hour but I was amazed and enlightened by how much he was able to read me as a person. I also had a couple of relatives who passed on come through during my reading. I had another longer reading with Bob and he was able to give me guidance and direction. Bob’s readings are fantastic, he is a real legitimate psychic and I highly recommend him for a reading, you won’t be disappointed.

From Ellen, May 1, 2017

Bob was recommended by someone who had been very skeptical of anything not within the realm “hard” science, and Bob won him over, providing much-needed comfort! I went to Bob shortly after my mother passed, along with a close friend who was having a lot of “issues” in both her personal and professional life but was too anxious to go see Bob alone. Somehow he managed to read both of us, alternating between our families and concerns and providing insight and comfort to both of us. Go see him!

From Beth, May 1, 2017

Bob is incredibly intuitive and compassionate in his readings. He puts clients at ease during readings and his predictions about what is to come have are eerily accurate (at least they’ve been for me). Bob gives you a digital recording of your session with him so that you can relax during the reading and focus on the moment at hand rather than try to remember each detail that he shared with you. I highly recommend him.

From Donna, May 1, 2017

Bob Kenney is a truly gifted and very caring medium. He is 100% spiritually aware. It was truly a blessing to receive messages from loved ones. If you were not healed from your grief, you would be now knowing your loved ones were at peace, and so happy to talk to you. It was an ultimate experience. Wondering if loved ones were happy and at peace, and all questions were answered. What Bob told to me, he could not have known. 100% accurate. I thank you Bob for a truly, blessed experience.

From Jenn, April 30, 2017

I had a reading with Bob shortly after my wife and father in law passed away. He was spot on with everything. I was a little skeptical before I went but as soon as the reading started, I knew he was for real. He told me so many specific things that he couldn’t have possibly known. I will definetly see him again.

From Sharon, April 27, 2017

I’ve attended several lectures Bob has spoke at and/or led. He’s a humble, honest, man with a lot of experience in a variety of psychic fields and a great teacher!

From Michele, April 26, 2017

I learned of Bob through my sister-in-law, whose entire family had met with Bob for readings. I had been wanting to have a reading since my mother passed in 2014 and after learning of Bob, I knew he was the right person. He was so accurate in so many things he should not have known, including discussions on my husband, child and brothers. Both my Mom and my first husband came through in the reading. Bob was amazing, insightful, and compassionate. Time to go again!

From Joey, April 20, 2017

I treated my wife to a reading and Bob read her really well. She was overwhelmed with the information and details he was coming through with. I on the other hand came in with my guard up and skeptical. At the end of the reading he gave me some time. With no information he contacted a special person to me who passed away about 38yrs ago. My eyes were full of joyful tears and he made me a believer of what he does. AWESOME A++ We cant wait to see him again. Thank you Bob

From Jacqueline,
April 20, 2017

This reading was a gift from my husband for Valentine’s Day. It was by far the greatest gift, as Bob welcomed us to his home with loving energy. I was so grateful for the entire reading, as Bob never rushed us and with good reason. My husband’s sister came through just I felt the session was ending. It was very emotional to hear from family members. There was nothing but love throughout this session. Thank you so much Bob – Love and Light!

From Maxine,  Sicklerville, New Jersey  February, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob through a dear friend of mine, and I instantly felt a connection to him and his presence. I had a lot of emotions bottled up, and when I sat down with Bob, he was able to completely put me at ease. Things that have never crossed my mind, was brought to light from Bob, as he helped me realize my own gifts I have been possessing the entire time. He has brought me so much closure and great words of encouragement. I’ll definitely be seeing Bob again! Thank you Bob!

From Barbara, Philadelphia, Pa.  February, 2017

Bob Kenny has been so kind in his sharing. He truly makes a difference and has such wisdom. He is honest and I can’t say enough about his character. He is a blessing and shares his gift from heaven in a way that truly heals the soul.

From Inna, Philadelphia, Pa.

I had a reading with Bob and was very impressed by his psychic medium abilities as well as the delivery. He has a true gift of communication with the spirits and delivers it in a kind and warm manner. He really takes time with you, I was there well passed the allotted time and he was determined go on until the message is fully and clearly delivered. You really feel that he cares and is there to help you with your issues and educate you along the way.
I would highly recommend scheduling a session with Bob. Previously, I have had some readings with psychics/mediums, but I my session with Bob was by far the best reading I have ever experienced.

From Kaye, Swathmore, Pa.

I have seen many different psychics throughout the years, and Bob is the most gifted one I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has a good heart and a miraculous soul. I knew Bob’s gift needed to be shared with the world so I had him meet with my family, friends, friends of friends and so on, and we all agreed that his talents are beyond what we all expected. I have a feeling when God looks down at Bob, it’s always with a giant smile. We thank Bob for all that he does and all he will do.

From Terry, Blue Bell, Pa.

I had the pleasure of a reading with Bob Kenney a few months ago. He was 100% spot on with his reading. He was able to connect with my father and tell me things only my father would know. There is no way he could have that information without directly contacting my father. He is kind, compassionate and respectful of any information he receives and respectful to his clients. It was truly a great experience I will never forget!

From Cathy, Philadelphia, Pa.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob for the first time this past week. Bob was completely accurate with his messages and very detailed with his connections. Bob’s special gift is delivered in a humbling and heartfelt way. I plan on seeing him again and truly recommend him to anybody seeking spiritual guidance.

From Mimi,
I never met Bob before. He is 100% accurate , truly gifted. He validated details of a current difficult situation and also a conversation with my daughter and a symbolic gesture that occurred a week before the reading as if he was there in the room but he wasn’t. Bob feels emotions and describes and emulates physical symptoms of the entity speaking to him from the other realm. He is honest, caring and uplifting. Continued good health to you Bob, your work here is far from done.


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. christine latorre-cuevas says:

    Wanted to thank you for an excellent reading today. You knew exactly what I needed to work on and gave me excellent advice. Also I have to say when you stated weird at one point and said it was the wrong word, most people my entire life have described me as weird, I have learned to take it as a compliment. You have an amazing ability, and you are very kind and sensitive in the way you phrase what needs to be said. Thank You again

  2. Diana Bamber says:

    Had a great reading today, feeling very satisfied, most of questions answered, another reading later this summer, hopefully, knew most of things revealed but got validated. Utmost respect!

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